Welcome to the website of „Bundesverband Mobile Beratung“ (BMB), the federal association of mobile counseling teams against right-wing extremism in Germany. Below you can find information on our work, our aims and the concept of mobile counseling.

Who we are

The BMB is the umbrella organization of 50 mobile counseling teams in Germany that help everyone who is confronted with right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories and right-wing populism.

Founded in 2014, the BMB is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth within its programme „Live Democracy!“. The BMB also receives funding from the German Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration.

What we do

We connect the mobile counseling teams and represent their interests towards politics and media on a federal level. In addition to that, we organize trainings and conferences and publish policy papers, brochures and statements on current developments in the field of right-wing extremism.

What we aim for

People who act against right-wing extremism are crucial for our democracy, and they need professional support. Therefore, we want to secure the work of mobile counseling teams on a long-term basis. Also, we want to make their work more visible and accessible for people all over Germany.

What is mobile counseling?

Mobile counseling addresses anyone who is confronted with right-wing extremism, racism or anti-Semitism and wants to do something about it. The target groups include individuals, civil society organizations, schools, politicians, journalists, sports clubs, churches, companies, neighbourhood initiatives and many more.

The counseling teams provide „help for self-help“, empowering their clients to work on their problems independently and in exchange with others. „Mobile“ means that the teams go wherever they are needed.

Mobile counseling is free of charge and confidential.

More information in German:

  • Our team members and how to contact them
  • A timeline showing our history and current developments
  • Civil society organizations that we closely work with
  • The 50 mobile counseling teams and how to contact them (listed by federal states / „Bundesländer“)
  • FAQ on mobile counseling against right-wing-extremism
  • A list of publications – both of the BMB and its member organizations
  • A list of upcoming events – both of the BMB and its member organizations


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